Pivoting Tree Mount
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PM-AM Enterprises Inc.,  2403 W. Arkansas, Pantego, TX  76013

The PTM is a very sturdy gimbal style mount intended for use on trail cameras equipped with a 1/4-20 threaded “tripod” attachment hole. The
PTM easily screws into any tree by hand and offers a wide range of aiming adjustment. Once aimed, the easy to grasp clamping knob locks
the gimbal down tight to assure that the desired aim stays put. The
PTM will not “twang” or vibrate to the extent that similar devices are prone
to; thus eliminating false triggering due to camera movement.

•   Stainless steel tree screw for strength and durability.
•   Computer cut 12 gauge steel construction.
•   Heavy duty thermoplastic 1.25” diameter gimbal ball locks down tight.
•   Generous 1” long 1/4-20 stud for camera or security box attachment.
•   Durable flat black powder coat finish.

Grasp the PTM as shown and screw into tree until flush.

Loosen the fluted clamping knob to allow the ball to move freely. Use your thumb and index finger to grasp the ball, allowing the ball and stud
to be screwed into the camera.  A word of caution: It is possibly to get over zealous in tightening and puncture the camera body.  To be on the
safe side, I like to back the stud out about ¼ turn after I feel it hit bottom.  Tighten the thumb-nut to secure camera to stud. Aim camera as
desired, then tighten the fluted clamping knob to lock down the adjustment.

Rotating the
PTM 90 degrees allows for a wide range of applications.  Click on any image for a larger view.
Pivoting Tree Mount  
Please note: We do not sell outside of the continental United States of America.
"Quick Connect" adaptor for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Bushnell Trophy Cam.
Allows camera to be easily removed and replaced back on to the PTM without altering positioning.
3/8' diameter hole accepts Master Python cable lock to safeguard against theft.
Quick Connect for
Bushnell Trophy Cam
The optional offset 90 degree bracket and hardware (sold below) includes a 5mm bolt to fit the 2012 Moultrie cameras.
Optional 90 degree
offset bracket and
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