Rubber Trail Camera Strap
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• Extremely durable all weather 100% EPDM rubber strap.
• UV resistant buckle.
• Fits virtually all strap mounted trail cameras.
• Allows for quick and solid camera attachment.
• Provides constant tension against any item used to shim the camera for optimal aim.
• Eliminates the “flagging-loose tail end” issue encountered with conventional camera straps.

Safety First:

 Always inspect strap and buckle for any signs of wear, cuts, or abrasion; discard if any defects are found.
 Wear eye protection.
 Follow instructions for proper threading of buckle.
 Adjust strap length prior to buckling. Do not attempt to adjust strap length when buckled.
 This product is not a toy. Keep away from children.
"The best thing to happen to Trail Cameras since they got rid of film!"
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Thread strap through camera belt loops.  If camera belt loops are narrower than 1 inch, cut one end of rubber strap creating a 1
inch long pointed end to facilitate threading.
Thread each end of the strap through the buckle exactly as illustrated.
1. Hold buckle “face up” (
smooth side facing up).
2. Insert the strap from beneath and pull up through the inner slot, then down through the outer slot. Adjust and pull tight, leaving
about 3 inches of strap extending from the outer buckle slot.

Important! Buckle must be threaded in the proper direction to prevent slippage. If buckle is threaded “face down”,
slippage will occur, which could result in serious bodily injury!
Most trees will not require any strap length adjustment.  If strap length adjustment is desired, make length adjustments before
stretching and buckling strap.
1 Rubber Trail Camera Strap
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3 pack of Rubber Trail Camera
PM-AM Enterprises Inc.,  2403 W. Arkansas, Pantego, TX  76013
One year warranty against breakage or material defects.  Warranty does not cover breakage due to obvious abuse or acts of
nature. Simply return item to us with any form of documentation showing date of purchase and we will promptly send a replacement.