Trail Camera Mounts
New design fits BTC 2009 - 2017
PM-AM Enterprises Inc.,  2403 W. Arkansas, Pantego, TX  76013
Please note: We do not sell outside of the continental United States of America.
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"T-Bar" Lock acceptor for strap
mounted cameras.
M100 M80 M80X M80XT M80BLX
Spring Clamp Video Camera Mount
Rubber Trail Camera Strap
Deluxe Trail Camera
T-Post Mount
Pivoting Tree Mount  
Cable Lock Guide Plate
for Cuddeback Attack
12 artificial tree branches,
42 leaves per branch.
"Almost Universal Mini Mount"
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"Bend To Aim" Trail camera
tripod mount
1 Skulldog European Mount
hanger bracket
To my many loyal camera mount customers,

We are currently moving both our home and fabrication business. It'll
probably take a year or more to complete the construction of both
buildings. In the interim, I plan on moving some of the fabrication
equipment to my auto repair business. As time allows, I'll continue to
produce some of our most popular items on a limited basis. The
available items can be found on eBay listed under the seller name

Thanks for your support over the past 10+ years,

Pat Murphy